A New Approach in Substance Addiction Treatment: EMDR Therapy

A New Approach in Substance Addiction Treatment: EMDR Therapy

Some Methods Used in Substance Addiction Treatment

Many methods are used for substance abuse treatment. Treatment varies according to the severity and type of substance abuse and the condition of the person. Some of the commonly used treatment methods are:

Medication: Some medications can help a person reduce their substance use or quit completely.
Cognitive behavioral therapy: This therapy can help a person control substance use by changing their thoughts and behaviors.
-Motivational interview: In this treatment, it is aimed to change the attitudes and thoughts of the person about substance use and to approach the treatment in a more positive way.
-Group therapy: It is therapy with other people who are struggling with substance use. Thus, the dependent person finds a support that he can turn to when he needs support.
-EMDR therapy: It is a therapy method that aims to change the addictive behavior by targeting the processing of past traumatic experiences in the treatment of substance addiction.

Effects of EMDR Therapy on Substance Addiction Treatment

In EMDR therapy, a different approach is adopted compared to many of the traditional methods used in the treatment of substance abuse. This method is particularly effective in cases of substance abuse related to traumatic events.

Unlike other treatment methods for substance abuse, EMDR therapy treats the person by addressing their traumatic memories and emotions. This approach helps the person overcome the traumatic experiences that lead to substance abuse.

The effects of EMDR therapy in the treatment of substance abuse include:


1) Reducing Traumatic Memories
EMDR therapy improves the mental and physical health of the person by reducing the effect of traumatic events. This helps to reduce emotional disorders such as stress and anxiety due to substance abuse.

2) Discovering Inner Sources
EMDR therapy helps a person discover their inner resources. These resources include elements such as a person’s sense of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-healing capacity. Thanks to internal resources, a person can obtain the motivation and strong internal support they need to get rid of substance abuse.

3) Addressing Emotional Triggers
EMDR therapy addresses the emotional triggers that cause a person’s substance abuse. These triggers are the elements that trigger a person’s feelings such as stress, anger, loneliness, anxiety or depression. EMDR therapy offers techniques for overcoming emotional triggers.

4) Emotional Regulation
EMDR therapy helps a person develop emotional regulation skills. These skills help a person cope with emotional disorders and manage stress.

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